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   Welcome to this site.

   My name is Arie van Hensbergen.


   I live in the Netherlands. In my sparetime I like to travel and take pictures. So I have a lot 

   of (travelling)pictures. So why not share them then?    

   Maybe the pics inspire you to visit a place by yourself. Or show you once again why you did'nt 

   want to go in the first place. 

   Together with my wife, Jannie, I make nice trips and take pictures about anything interesting

   we see. 


   The purpose of this site is to let people enjoy the pictures I've taken.

   Pictures as a travel report, but also pics about nature. Mostly I like to photograph people.  

   I use Nikon D90 with a 18-200 mm objective, a Nikor 105 mm macro and a Tamron 17-50mm.


   If you have any questions or you'd like to contact me, please feel free to sent an email to:



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Beautifull photos of flowers and animals, Autumn and Spring


Events, Airborne commemoration Ginkel heath Ede et cetera.


Pics from the Netherlands, France, England, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Costa Rica, USA and several cities in Europe.


Photos from garden tours in the Netherlands, Belgium, France and England.


Macro photos of flowers and insects



Trails in the agricultural landscape, on historical line and unpaved paths.


Week of events celebrating the heat is turning purple.


Real portraits, people on the streets, special events.


Visitors from a lot of countries.



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Visit youtube for my music video "Wonderful world" made with my photos.


Have fun.





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